Our Services are non refundable, but they are guaranteed. For any reason you are not satisfied with any service that you have received, please bring the matter to the attention of our Management Team so that we may have the opportunity to rectify the problem. If you would be more comfortable working with another member of our staff, please don’t hesitate to make that request. Our innovative talented staff is always available to meet your request. We keep your information private and allow you to opt out at any time. - 1. MUST have shared a selfie or self video to YOUR Facebook or Twitter page that can be viewed on your page.; 2.MUST have The Salon Blue mobile app (www.thesalonblu.mobi) icon on your phones home screen.; 3. MUST have phone available for viewing when you leave salon to prove 1 and 2 are active.; 4. Your name will be in a drawing at the end of the month, the winner will be posted on our Facebook page.; 5. If you're NOT on Facebook or Twitter and/or you choose to enter by posting a selfie on a public network, we also accept postings on Yelp and Google+ (see REVIEW icon to connect).: and 6. All decisions and awards are at the sole discretion of The Salon Blu.